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2018 To-do List / 2018 待辦清單

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My Contacts 我的聯絡簿

Namecards are part of social exchanges, but they are usually lost or kept somewhere you will never retrieve after some time. I like to take pictures of namecards I received so I can reference back whenever so needed.

My Reading List 閲讀清單

wildcat currency
six principles that connect our life
Deepak super genes
Master your mind design your destiny
If I could tell you just one thing
Crash course for entrepreneurs
42 rules getting better at getting better
Think small simple ways to reach big goals
The dollar trap
Killing marketing joe pullizi
Cryptocurrency the future of money
Ideas are your only currency
The art of thinking clearly
Simple techniques to gain insights from people and experience
The startup checklist
How to read a person like a book
Innovative investor guide to Bitcoin and beyond

My Cryptopia Portfolio 2018-06-07


Executed Transactions

7/06/2018 4:48:00 PM: You deposited 0.10429163 LTC
6/7/2018 9:26:38 AM: Order Filled: You bought 0.00400000 ETH for 0.01999999 LTC
6/7/2018 10:00:23 AM: Order Filled: You bought 700.00000000 DOGE for 0.02179800 LTC
6/7/2018 10:19:23 AM: Order Filled: You bought 11.42184381 XEM for 0.02507963 LTC
6/7/2018 10:53:46 AM: Order Filled: You bought 0.16867193 HXX for 0.01855514 LTC
6/7/2018 12:19:50 PM: Order Filled: You bought 0.27945308 LUX for 0.01863952 LTC

Current Balances

Estimated BTC: 0.00163142 BTC
Estimated BTC (Altcoin only): 0.00163142 BTC
Ethereum(ETH) 0.00400000
Dogecoin(DOGE) 700.00
NewEconomyMovement(XEM) 11.42184381
HexxCoin(HXX) 0.16867193
Luxcoin(LUX) 0.27945308
Litecoin(LTC) 0.00001120